DevUpdate P.8 – hostsController: “Security, Language & HOSTS Options”

These are the newest features added to hostsController for the 3.2 update. Amongst all the other things that still need to be added, these are the ones that were really long to implement.

Obviously, I will not go into detail regarding the new security features. Let’s just keep it simple: Passwords are now encrypted. I was working on a new security system for a while and I finally achieved something that I think is not bad. There are a lot of “backroom” security implementations that made things difficult to code for me, but I made it!

The second big revamp at this stage of the development is the new language system. The previous language system was a little bit messy. A feature to automatically download and add new (or modified) language files will be implemented, too.

Finally, I decided to add some HOSTS file options. Some of them like the “manual DNS cache flushing” come from the various critics about hostsController’s 3.1 version.

That is everything for now. Expect 3.2 to be a nice update!

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