Apple products break on purpose?

Today I want to talk about something else. Let’s leave art and development aside for a minute. I came across this video by Alltime Conspiracies about Apple products and I wanted to share my opinion about the well-known brand. Before I start, here’s the video:

Make sure to check out the Alltime Conspiracies channel, there’s a ton of cool stuff there. As some of you may know, I’m not the biggest Apple fan as described on this wallpaper I made a while ago. But I still like some of their products.

The point is, are they really making it so that their products break intentionally? Every smartphone, computer, tablet or laptop tends to get a little slower over time, but not drastically. Thinking about that, I have an iPod that doesn’t work anymore and I don’t even know why! No hardware damage, everything is intact. But the software seems to be messed up.

On a strategic and commercial point of view, it’s a brilliant idea. Illegal, but it sure is a money maker. Think about it: Apple products are not cheap and if they only last for 2-3 years until the next generation comes out, people will just buy the newest hardware. The sad thing is that it works!

Don’t get me wrong, Apple makes awesome products, that’s why people keep buying them. All of their products are impressive and really beautiful, they have such a refined design. But being one of the priciest electronics on the market, it’s simply not worth it!

A few months ago, I was looking for a new laptop myself. I was really interested in the top-of-the-line Macbook Pro. I love the Apple product design: the simple brushed aluminum look with those high-quality finishes. But for the price of a Macbook Pro, you can get something a lot more powerful, like the one I chose instead: the G75VX by Asus. (And a bunch of other awesome accessories)

Anyway, everyone has his own mind. If you watched the video above on an Apple product, I’m sure you’re doubting your choices.


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