hostsController: DevUpdate #9 – “Changing again?”

Let me be honest with you, my workflow is the worst. The bad thing about indie-development is that you have to do everything by yourself. From security to online stuff, file handling, etc. Some things I like, others I don’t. And when I have to do things I don’t like, I lose motivation really quick. Now don’t get me wrong: I absolutely LOVE doing this stuff, it’s my hobby.


But when I work on specific parts that I don’t like I lose focus and months pass by without me touching the project and when I come back to it, I’m like “What the hell does this do?”.

So now I have to go through 3000 lines of code and try to understand and remember what everything does. At the same time, I’m going to revamp hostsController’s interface. First step, as you can see: New icon.

For the interface, I’m keeping the sober look but I’m going to add more darkness. I want to recreate the interface but at the same time I need to, hC 3.1’s interface is not optimized for window resizing and people complained that the main window is too small.

Only to keep you in touch, I’m working on hC 3.2!


Releasing: “Taskhide” (tool)

I introduced the idea of publishing some tools on my blog. Here’s the first one. I changed my desktop a little, downloaded a dock and I needed to hide the taskbar. Putting the taskbar in “Auto-hide” mode using the Taskbar Properties wasn’t enough, it kept popping up and was quite annoying. So I coded this small portable tool to make the taskbar disappear completely. Go and check it out: tools/taskhide.

SiZip : New App? (Proof of concept)

Last week I was looking for an archive extractor and found nothing interesting. I love WinRAR but it’s not free! So the best alternative is 7zip… But looking at these, they’re all the same, boring! Then I thought about the people that don’t know how to use these and I don’t blame them, the interface is confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So after that, I present to you SiZip. SiZip is a small, portable (YES!) archive extractor and creator. It’s interface makes it really easy to use, just drag the files in! If it’s an archive, it will be extracted. If it’s another file (or a group of them) they will be compressed into an archive! It’s as simple as that.

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DevUpdate P.8 – hostsController: “Security, Language & HOSTS Options”

These are the newest features added to hostsController for the 3.2 update. Amongst all the other things that still need to be added, these are the ones that were really long to implement.

Obviously, I will not go into detail regarding the new security features. Let’s just keep it simple: Passwords are now encrypted. I was working on a new security system for a while and I finally achieved something that I think is not bad. There are a lot of “backroom” security implementations that made things difficult to code for me, but I made it!

The second big revamp at this stage of the development is the new language system. The previous language system was a little bit messy. A feature to automatically download and add new (or modified) language files will be implemented, too.

Finally, I decided to add some HOSTS file options. Some of them like the “manual DNS cache flushing” come from the various critics about hostsController’s 3.1 version.

That is everything for now. Expect 3.2 to be a nice update!

DevUpdate P.7 – hostsController: “Articles about hostsController”

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon some articles about hostsController 3.1 today. This makes me really happy because I get to read about other people’s opinions and maybe even improve hostsController thanks to some constructive criticism!

I love getting feedback from my users. And I will makes changes to my software accordingly. After reading these articles I have a list of changes that I want to make for hostsController 3.1:

  • adding automatic update system (is being worked on for a new series on this blog)
  • adding Spanish language (submitted by a Spanish user!)
  • main interface will be redesigned to allow resizing
  • adding groups for future functions!

If you want to translate hostsController into your own language, check this page.

 Links to the articles: (Spanish)

hostsController 3.1 Released

I released the 3.1 version of hostsController today. Nothing major, just some minor bug fixes and stuff. I hope you enjoy the software!

You might have noticed that I’ve been a little inactive after the 3.0 release, that’s completely normal, don’t worry. I just needed some rest. Anyway, here’s the small changelog:

* minor fixes;
* deletion of the update system;
* minor improvements