Wallpaper: “Design w/o Colors”

Design w/o Colors

Just a subtle Wallpaper to get me back in the Groove of making them. I hope you like it! If not you can always check out my other ones!

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Wallpaper: “Society Today”

Society Today

You know, there’s a lot of things I don’t like about today’s society. Just like everybody else in this world. Here’s my vision about today’s society: A whole load of ads, not a lot of privacy (NO privacy if you have Facebook) and fake freedom.

More wallpapers: /art/wallpapers

3D Creations: Rendering test

First of all, sorry for the long inactive period on my blog. I’ve been working on a lot of things and didn’t have a lot of time to put stuff up. Now, let’s talk about the real deal. Here’s a render I made for practise, played around with the depth of field, materials and illumination as you can see with the light-beams coming out of the ball. This took 10 minutes to render by the way, just because of the light. There are still some improvements to make but I think I’m getting there.

rendering_testYou can use this as your wallpaper if you want. For some reason I can’t upload to wallbase anymore, maybe they are working on stuff, I don’t know. Enjoy.