Apple products break on purpose?

Today I want to talk about something else. Let’s leave art and development aside for a minute. I came across this video by Alltime Conspiracies about Apple products and I wanted to share my opinion about the well-known brand. Before I start, here’s the video:

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DevUpdate P.8 – hostsController: “Security, Language & HOSTS Options”

These are the newest features added to hostsController for the 3.2 update. Amongst all the other things that still need to be added, these are the ones that were really long to implement.

Obviously, I will not go into detail regarding the new security features. Let’s just keep it simple: Passwords are now encrypted. I was working on a new security system for a while and I finally achieved something that I think is not bad. There are a lot of “backroom” security implementations that made things difficult to code for me, but I made it!

The second big revamp at this stage of the development is the new language system. The previous language system was a little bit messy. A feature to automatically download and add new (or modified) language files will be implemented, too.

Finally, I decided to add some HOSTS file options. Some of them like the “manual DNS cache flushing” come from the various critics about hostsController’s 3.1 version.

That is everything for now. Expect 3.2 to be a nice update!

DevUpdate P.7 – hostsController: “Articles about hostsController”

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon some articles about hostsController 3.1 today. This makes me really happy because I get to read about other people’s opinions and maybe even improve hostsController thanks to some constructive criticism!

I love getting feedback from my users. And I will makes changes to my software accordingly. After reading these articles I have a list of changes that I want to make for hostsController 3.1:

  • adding automatic update system (is being worked on for a new series on this blog)
  • adding Spanish language (submitted by a Spanish user!)
  • main interface will be redesigned to allow resizing
  • adding groups for future functions!

If you want to translate hostsController into your own language, check this page.

 Links to the articles: (Spanish)

Discovering Music: Awake – ManYork

If the title of this post doesn’t inspire you much, you’re missing out. There are tons of people that don’t get the recognition that they deserve. In this case you’ll listen to the very talented Eric a.k.a. Awake. This talented young man has just started his YouTube channel and plans to release his awesome electronic tracks.

Let’s listen to ManYork from Awake. (Inspired from Showtek- Mammoth)

 Awake on YouTube & SoundCloud.

hostsController 3.1 Released

I released the 3.1 version of hostsController today. Nothing major, just some minor bug fixes and stuff. I hope you enjoy the software!

You might have noticed that I’ve been a little inactive after the 3.0 release, that’s completely normal, don’t worry. I just needed some rest. Anyway, here’s the small changelog:

* minor fixes;
* deletion of the update system;
* minor improvements

hostsController 3.0 Finally Available!

What are you waiting for? Go download hostsController 3.0 NOW! If you want to see some screenshots check the presentation page of the software. Thanks to the BETA-testers, without them hostsController wouldn’t be as good as it is: iCore, Awak, Cortana, GuyFawkes, Rom & Djtouftouf.
A TON of new features were added to hostsController 3.0, here’s a list:

In general:
* ridiculously small file-size thanks to upx! (
* whole new interface, this version has been re-coded from scratch
* overall improvements to the blocking, boosting & redirecting
* introducing the security panel: allows you to hide and protect hostsController with a password
* introducing the backup panel: easier to manage your backups, create some on the fly and see the ones you have already created
* introducing the options panel: tweak the software to your liking, show or hide help & tips, chose your startup panel
* introducing built-in hosts add-ons: download and install user created files that allow you to boost, block and redirect a certain group of domains.
* added automatic update system
* added better language support
* automatic domain ip gathering when domain is boosted

Simple editor:
* big ergonomical improvements that make blocking or boosting a domain a lot easier
* added some information about your hosts file
* possbility to view your hosts file in a pop-up (no modifications can be done)

Advanced editor:
* full access to your hosts file with the advanced editor
* real-time toolbar highlights allow you to use the editor faster
* create or load backups of your hosts file in an instant
* download & import add-ons while editing

* added sounds
* improved installer
* added feedback link

Enjoy this amazing new version that took me a while to finish!