Wallpaper: “Design w/o Colors”

Design w/o Colors

Just a subtle Wallpaper to get me back in the Groove of making them. I hope you like it! If not you can always check out my other ones!

More wallpapers: /art/wallpapers


The FreeCommunity Coders are no more.

Quick information:

The FreeCommunity Coders Team that I started a little while ago no longer exists. I decided to abandon the idea because the members and myself were kind of demotivated. It really was the best solution, there’s no point of having a team just to have a team and don’t work together at all.

It was a good experience, I tried and nothing came out of it. I guess that’s what happens when you’re not motivated. I started good with AwesomeUNG and everything else, organized a lot of stuff, supplied every member of the team with a resource pack that contained wallpapers,  the logo, icons, patterns and other sort of stuff. I have a good relationship with most of the members but without getting paid, it is really difficult to do something like that. On top of that, we didn’t know what we wanted to do, everyone had his own direction. For example: I like to create software that can be used by a lot of people, editors, browsers, utility programs, etc. Others were more into bots.

So what will happen with AwesomeUNG? It’s simply, it stays mine! It was a starter project and I worked on it alone so I can keep it. I just need to change the interface a bit, remove the Team logo and stuff, I’ll do that after hostsController’s new update.

Just to keep you up to date!