Busy with school & stuff

Hey everyone. I know that my blog has been very inactive for the last months. The reason behind that is that I’m currently busy with school, preparing for my final exams. It’s been very difficult to find the time to work on things like hostsController, Wallpapers and all the cool projects I have in mind!

I just wanted to post this short article so that you know what’s going on. After my “baccalauréat” as we call it here – and hopefully with a nice degree in 3D design – I will be working on the blog again. I plan on releasing some small apps / tools that I use, some of them help me achieve simple things, I sometimes play with the design too. Being such small apps that get rarely updated, I will not provide any assistance what-so-ever. These will be listed on a separate page without fancy stuff. Maybe a small description that’s it.

See you soon!