SiZip : New App? (Proof of concept)

Last week I was looking for an archive extractor and found nothing interesting. I love WinRAR but it’s not free! So the best alternative is 7zip… But looking at these, they’re all the same, boring! Then I thought about the people that don’t know how to use these and I don’t blame them, the interface is confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing.

So after that, I present to you SiZip. SiZip is a small, portable (YES!) archive extractor and creator. It’s interface makes it really easy to use, just drag the files in! If it’s an archive, it will be extracted. If it’s another file (or a group of them) they will be compressed into an archive! It’s as simple as that.

SiZip will propose 2 different modes, similar to hostsController: the simple mode and the advanced mode. The simple mode will do everything for you, if you edited your file preferences beforehand it’ll unpack the dropped archive as specified.

The advanced mode will give you more control, so that you can unpack multiple archives into a single directory, the creation of packages will be helped by some interesting tools. If you want some more in-depth information you should read the SiZip:Documentation.

Proof of concept of the design :

Similar to hostsController because I’m trying to be consistent. Highlighted in red will be the different settings and all that jazz.

Hope you like it!


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