hostsController 3.0 Finally Available!

What are you waiting for? Go download hostsController 3.0 NOW! If you want to see some screenshots check the presentation page of the software. Thanks to the BETA-testers, without them hostsController wouldn’t be as good as it is: iCore, Awak, Cortana, GuyFawkes, Rom & Djtouftouf.
A TON of new features were added to hostsController 3.0, here’s a list:

In general:
* ridiculously small file-size thanks to upx! (
* whole new interface, this version has been re-coded from scratch
* overall improvements to the blocking, boosting & redirecting
* introducing the security panel: allows you to hide and protect hostsController with a password
* introducing the backup panel: easier to manage your backups, create some on the fly and see the ones you have already created
* introducing the options panel: tweak the software to your liking, show or hide help & tips, chose your startup panel
* introducing built-in hosts add-ons: download and install user created files that allow you to boost, block and redirect a certain group of domains.
* added automatic update system
* added better language support
* automatic domain ip gathering when domain is boosted

Simple editor:
* big ergonomical improvements that make blocking or boosting a domain a lot easier
* added some information about your hosts file
* possbility to view your hosts file in a pop-up (no modifications can be done)

Advanced editor:
* full access to your hosts file with the advanced editor
* real-time toolbar highlights allow you to use the editor faster
* create or load backups of your hosts file in an instant
* download & import add-ons while editing

* added sounds
* improved installer
* added feedback link

Enjoy this amazing new version that took me a while to finish!


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