DevUpdate P.1 – hostsController: “Slowly but surely”


In this post we take a look at the currently added features to the 2.3.0 version of hostsController. I explain some interface changes and introduce some of the new stuff added.

It’s been quite some time since I last worked on the new 2.3.0 version of hostsController but I’m proud to introduce some really interesting changes:

  • a TON of code improvements;
  • new offline detection system (avoids the app to try and connect to the server);
  • added new update system that supports message displays (similar to AwesomeUNG);
  • completely new language system (the language can now be changed instantly instead of restarting the app; language files are now in .dat format instead of .ini so that it supports special characters);
  • some minor look changes to the editor & home window;
  • dynamic background system (when connected to the internet, hostsController will show a custom background that will be changed every week or so)
  • new way to save software preferences, more efficient and reliable;

I would like to explain the new online features a little bit more. Let’s start with the message supported update system. When started, hC checks the server to see if the currently installed version is the latest one. If not, it displays a ‘new version available’ message. Since this is a new and improved system, everything is done a lot faster and a new message option has been added: when configured so in the server settings, the app can display a custom message to every user connected to the internet. This can be used for updates & promoting new apps.

Now to the custom background stuff. Again, this feature can be disabled in the server settings but, if not, hC downloads the featured background and displays it. This gives the home screen more variety and color. (It was more of a personal challenge to be honest..)

That’s everything. I would like to end this post with some screenshots of the current progress:


hC_2.3.0_protoype(2)Note: I removed the black highlight behind the background credits because it’s supposed to be a detail (or additional information), not an important information like the message & new version message.

Click it to see them better. Have a nice day!


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