What is this blog about?

A short explanation of what this blog is about, what I am going to publish and just what I do.

To be perfectly honest, I do a LOT of stuff. So you’ll be seeing a large and various amount of stuff. Sometimes I publish some YouTube videos that I like or just some random articles.

The tagline of the blog is “Development meets Art” so you’re surely going to see some art that I do. Most of these are graphic creations like wallpapers, avatars, drawings and other random things. Here’s an example :

Yeah, on top of that I’m surely going to post more 3D crations like animations, renders or a mix of 2D and 3D work. Here’s an example:

"Comfort, because it matters" 2D & 3D wallpaper

“Comfort, because it matters” 2D & 3D wallpaper

Last but not least, a VERY important part of this blog: I’m an independent software developer too. All of my apps are completely free for everyone to use! At this date, only 2 of my software are published: hostsController, a hosts file editor that allows you to block access to any domain you want, create redirections, etc. And AwesomeUNG, a simple but powerful username generator that gives you awesome results.

Other software to come are listed on this page. Here are some illustrations:

AwesomeUNG presentation banner

AwesomeUNG presentation banner

hostsController presentation banner

hostsController presentation banner

So that’s the majority of my blog. I hope you like the content I’m promising. You can find me at other places like Wallbase. My YouTube channel is empty at the moment, so I’ll give a link when something gets done over there. (It’s easy to guess anyway.)

Hope that some of you will stick around! Later!


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